Short Short Vacation

Above is the working part, bottom is the fancy part

Last month i went around Bali for working. Didn’t want to lose chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Indonesia’s middle-isle chain, I prolonged my trip to the smaller, yet, super beautiful island located next to Bali: Lombok Island. I’d been wanted to visit Lombok since my friends who spent vacation in the island constantly promoted its breathtaking view beaches. So it’s just natural when my cousin announced she moved to Lombok, my eagerness to visit the island just grew bigger. Guess what? I was not disappointed when I finally got there. Lombok had it unique charms in keeping your eyes and let them drunk by its chillness, coziness in welcoming guest, especially when she was as tired as I was.

PS: I couldn’t thank more to my wonderful cousin, Kiki, for arranging my itinerary during my very-very short visit (2 days only!) in Lombok. Mille bissous  ❤


Passion Fruit

Several weeks ago, I was interested to try new diet called juicing. It basically hooked me up at the first place because I heard it can really put the best of you. Plus, it was easy. You just have to punch your preference fruits and veggies in a juicer.  Once all blends, you drink it. Super easy, right? I committed to this new way of living for two days proud peeeppss hahaha 😀 However, the reason I quit the diet was not only merely because of some alluring temptation of chips , but it was more substantial one: it was not easy to find fresh blendable, juicable fruits and veggies in my neighborhood, especially when it was not the season.


Talking about the season, I find it very hard to figure the season of passion fruit. It almost no season claimed to be a passion fruit season. It’s just not happening. It is not hip. It is not trending. And the main reason of it was because sometimes you have to really struggle to flourish and harvest your own passion before you can taste the fruit. Confused? I know, coz I’m not talking about fruit anymore babes; I’m talking about work ethics.


I was not that good when I enrolled my philosophical class so I’m not sure what Plato and other smart guys from Greek thought about work ethics. Thus let me share what I think could define work ethics as giving your best effort every single time. Whoooaa it’s like a full, heck, life time commitment. As a person who cannot hold a single diet for more than 2 days, how could I expect myself to fulfill such task? Drum rolls dudududududu… By having passion! I believe people who have passion in the job will fight harder and strive better. They will try to their best because the job is meant something to them. It’s a good thing to have, isn’t it?


Now, passion is barely presented when you are bounded to a job that you don’t like. As per this circumstance, I would say let’s see the bigger picture. Does the job pay the bill? Does it give you opportunity to meet new people? Does it lead to a bright carrier path? If yes is the answer to these question then maybe you have to stick it up a moment longer until you some better opportunity lands safely in your lap.


Sneaky Snacks

I I really like snacks that sometimes I only get snacks as the full course. I remember it had happened since I was a little kid that my mom wouldn’t let me have any snack before I finish my meal. Now that I’m living away from her, the habit is a bit out of control hahaha


A to the C to the N to the E blaahhh


I got the picture from http://www.shazwanihamid.com/2012/12/inherited-acne-or-cosmetic-acne.html

Last night I went home with a bubbly feeling. I had a great time with my friends, we cooked dinner together (well, we heated food, actually) in my friend’s house, had a great convo, and shared some tales. After some time, we headed home. I had had a nice journey, no traffic at all (it was late at night), Jakarta was at peace. When I reached my bed, I did my night routines. I swapped some cleanse on a fresh cotton wipe, faced my face to the mirror, and I freaked out. Omagah! What on earth has had happened to my face? It looked like it had been occupied by bacteria troops. zillion bacteria troops! Nooo (-_-)Zzz

I guess you know what came next. I infiltrated my face skin with 10% benzoil peroxide plus tea tree night cream  and hoped next morning all the redness would go away. Sadly, the next morning, they’re still there covering my forehead, nose, and chin with the uncool redness.

Time for phase two then. The phase two consisted of embarking 5% benzoil peroxide, tea tree pore minimizer, and aloe vera moisturizer. But wait, maybe I need to do more than that. I looked around my bed and thought maybe it’s time to change my bed sheet.

So here I am now, sitting on the new bed sheet writing this post whilst contemplating my long-life battle with acne. I kinda have tried everything from regular visit to dermatologist, taking prescriptions, facial routines, masks, bottles of toner, moisturizer, and foundation. All with the label acne prone on it. Yet, still I get the acnes. I guess acnes just love me too much that they never want to leave me alone or have I forgotten something really important during the battle? I’ll let you know when I find out.

Cry cheers from the acne invaded girl. xx